14 Oct 2010

And the greens comes i big things

God morgon people.
After a rough start on the week i'll finally get around to wright a post.
Not a lot has happened since last time. But i have some pics for you.

The first one is from the forge world order. all the parts from my kill krusha tank.
It took three big bowls to clean all the parts. And my kitchen-sink was all covered in resin parts. A lovely sight.

I have started to put it together but that will take a wile.

The i have some pics of my latest terrain project. The start of a mekkshop.

lots and lots of plasiccard.

And finally some pics from pics from a campaign battle.

 See you on the battlefield

1 comment:

  1. Lots and lots in One Big push, excellent.
    That mekk shop is looking mighty fine, you gonna do what we walked about with the dread arms in construction?