22 Feb 2012

The First Sons Are Born, For Real

It's not only a fancy story that they are, but figures as well. And so I give you, Lord Crixus and his Chosen!
And they are exactly that, Chosen Chaos Marines and a Chaos Lord with Daemon Weapon. And an Obliterator and an unfinished Rhino in the back...
I'm undecided about wether the Chosen should get some markings on their right shoulder pad. The rank and file will get their squad numbers there and everyone, bar a few where upon it will look ugly, will have a white Chaos Star on their left shoulder.

You might think it to be somewhat daft to show off things one will have (the Rhino and Obliterator I'm not sure about) in the upcoming Apocalypse, but since these will play an important part in the story it only seemed right. If you read the last post of the First Sons epic fall then you know about the beef between them and the Ultramarines. So me and Gustav will slug it out, Apocalypse style!

Until Next Time Children!


  1. Once again you show us a realy good painting sheem. You know colours better than any of uss...
    The wethered silver power armours toghether with white weapons and dark blue plasmas is just amazeballs!
    And the red eyes brings it all together.
    I like the left shoulderpad markings eaven tho I think the white is to bright and maby you should wash it down just a bit.
    As for the right shoulderpads, I kinda like them the way theay are now... makes it look slick!

    Thats just my 0,02$ :-P

    Great work!

  2. Why thank you of that high praise!
    on the markings. It is that bright white since Chaos is pure, Chaos is the Way. They're proud of their rebellion and a bright white is a good way of showing that. Plus, in the pictures the white is a bit too bright since it reflects all the light. It looks better IRL.