7 Jan 2012

More Traitors?

I'm at a crossroad, pondering upon seriously heavy questions. And I need help.

Should I make my Imperial Fist into Renegades?!

It makes perfect sense to me, but would it be a mistake? I know I'm prone to fits of the conversion devil and I'm quick to do the things my genius mind deems to be a really superior idea.
Most of you imperial lovers (Heck, I'm one of you... we all are!) are probably thinking hell no! But look at it from my point of view, we are about 90% who are loyal to the Emperor; both Guards and Astartes. And, until only recently, one Chaos player. With my Fists turning to Chaos this would change the balance for the better.
And it would make battle more fun with less Emperor botherers fighting each others for no apparent reason. Heck, that might be one of the reasons the yellow bastards changed sides. They were tired of the corrupt Imperium of Man and that the Emperors bright visions of the future are long dead and gone.
And lastly, I would get my very own Soul Drinkers... only yellow. (Dorn must be turning in his grave)

So what say you!?

Until Next Time Children!


  1. Removing aquilas and other imperial insignia and then adding beautiful eight pointed stars and other heretical texts and markings, keeping them still looking newly turned. And using spiders as lesser and greater daemons and adding some spider extras to sergeants and heroes. And painting my old obliterator yellow and exchanging the spider lord with the chaplain since the chaplain will work great as Yarrik.

  2. It sounds good. But if you start such a big project, will you manage to finish it? Wouldn't it be better if you bought some new marines?

  3. Big project? You mean like cutting off the heads of 60+ infantry and painting them and some tanks to boot? ;)
    All in all I have 31 infantry, four tanks and 2 dreads in my astartes force. About a third of the infantry has no imperial signs apart from a skull or two (chaos uses skulls right?) and the tanks are easy. The only daunting task is to remove the chest plate aquillas from some of the infantry.
    And painting stars and chaos symbols should be easier than loyalist insignia.

    My point is that it's not the size of the project I'm afraid of, but if it is a mistake. But you did make a good point, it is a sizable task.

  4. It's such a hard question! Part of me says go for it.
    If you succeed, it will be awesome. On the contrary, a fail would be devastating.

    The worst scenario: you will destroy an army you never use. So I say. Go for it!

  5. Well, if it fails there's always the olde repaint an army. Paint the Marines in the green that the renegade tanks are in. That would take a week... Or about 150 hours effective painting time.

  6. Humm I dont know what to think abut this...
    I have always loved your fists and found them very inspiring. But I have always had a feeling you wernt to exited about them...? I could be way out of line here so sorry!
    Lets look at lore, have any Imperialfists ever converted to chaos? I dont know and I dont think so. but that dose not need to be a problem! Could be cool!

    I think you would exicute this realy well. Question is, how much will you miss your marines? Will the new army fill the gap?
    You have my full suport what ever you decide:-)

  7. If you paint it green, John and you can play on the same side.
    If I were you I would just remove all imperial signs and make them dirty.

  8. Aksel, you're right. I like the Fists but that's mostly 'cause I've got an army and I will not miss the army, only miss the Imperial side.
    And Johan, it feels more and more right to make them green.

  9. Green?? Dont go crazy and paint them green just caus thats the first thing you think of.
    If you whant them nurgle inspired, go ahead and durty them up, do new markings and introduse maby a new colour on top of the yellow to represent the coruptness taking over!

    I kinda whant to make plaugemarines now -.-"

  10. A good wash can do wonders!

  11. Don't worry, I tried green and it was boring as poo! I'm now thinking of keeping them yellow, paint the shoulder pads in a different way (You'll see when it's done) and make orange bolters. It is really striking

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  13. if you paint the shoulderpads black or green, you can paint signs in orange the same way as you did on the tanks.
    Maybe the same signs but smaller?

  14. Now I'm just thinking of stripping the paint away, change the helemts for the diving heads and painting them black... Gonna try on five models for the apocalypse