1 Dec 2011

Renegade Scum, Part III

First Troop Choice almost done. All there's left is some skin (not much...) and dirt on the clothes. But that's tedious work and can be done later. Goig chaos is sweet, now me and Nicklas can go together against those wretched defenders of the false Emperor.
I've decided to use the Imperial Guard codex. It's the most fun and varied and by using the SC Iron Hand Straken I get a good stand in for a chaos marine. S6 T4 3+ armour save? Sounds good enough for an Aspiring Champion to me!
I'm thinking a fresh marine from some loyalist chapter discovering the glories of Chaos and goes out on conquest and rallying renegade guard to his cause.

Until Next Time Children!


  1. I'm thinking of names like Sons of the Light, or Sons of Truth, brothers of truth/light...

  2. Don't forget that your Aspiring Champion also have Inviolable save 5+ and I think he's fearless. Sound like chaos to me!

    I saw that one of your meltas has a voxbackpack, if you like I have some backpacks so you can change it.

  3. Thank you, but no. Even though I wont be using voxes it's illogical fluff wise not to use them. They need to be in contact with each ther to be an effective fighting force.
    What about names? I'm thinking Sons of the First Light sounds somewhat appropriate.

  4. Something like Pilgrims of First Light would work as well I imagine, or Enlightened Brothers of Truth.


  5. Pilgrims of The First Light has a nice ring to it, I might consider it.

  6. It's serious naming your army. Will there be a name on the general as well?

  7. Of course, Lord Evil Sounding Marine... it's a work in progress

  8. Perahps just going with First Sons (Frateris Prioris) is the way to go. Especially since Nicklas goes A thousand sons...