3 Nov 2011

Warriors Of The World...

Like thunder from the sky...
But seriously, this is about the metal warriors of the Necrons and not about old men in leather tights.
I decided to make make the basics of my army look the same, snow on all bases, a nice silver sheen on every warrior. You know, make them all look good come this hallowed november 5:th.
So there it is, sixty Necron warriors, walking upright and beautiful and not like they're shitting bricks.
Good thing GW has taken a path away from that hideous stance with all the new and shiny stuff.

Until Next Time Meatbags!


  1. When I see that massive hord of metal junk first that comes to my mind is: load up the Medusa!

  2. Or heavy bolters with the new codex =P

  3. Hope you understand that I mean a 5+ save!

  4. But they have 4+ save! Then I need a autocannon to remove there save.

  5. I'm not the worlds best gamer, thought that heavy bolters had AP5.