9 Nov 2011

My New Army, Part II

The more I read the new Necron Codex the more I like it. Both the background and the rules. Several new vehicles, cheaper Warriors and a feth-load of new troops and elites. My first fight will be this weekend and I'm nervous. Will they be fun to play?
I thinks so. With all the new goodies they're more lika a mix of a Marine scout force and a Tau cadre (without the insane hard hitting cannons and those mecha jump suits...)

I wonder how I will fare against Nicklas motorized Orks of Doom, the biggest pile of junk vehicles I've ever seen below a 1000 Pts. Apart from scarabs, which with the new rules can decimate even a titan i close combat with Entropic Strike, not much of the Necrons arsenal is armour busting. Apart from ye olde gauss rule that is, but you only get so far with glancing.

But i digress! Enjoy an ark of the dead, it took forever to put togeth
And a look at the finished Annihilation Barge. So simple it's not even a conversion, only a piece swap. They're Necrons, the most advanced race technologically and they're robots. Why on earth would they use manual buttons and levers? No, now their plugged in, Matrix style!

Until Next Time Meatbags!


  1. it looks viking, the ghost arc, like a ship without a sail

  2. Looking great!
    Like that you have put some extra effort in how you take your pics:)
    Matrix rocks.

  3. Extra effort? No, just natural daylight...