6 Nov 2011

My New Army, Part I

Well, now it's here. The new Necron codex... Lots of changes to both fluff and play style, but it still feels like Necrons. We'll Be Back is gone and replaced with the new but lesser Reanimation Protocols. They can still stand up but it's... lets say different. Not worse, just different. Oh, and Phase out is gone to.
The only thing I don't like is the new Immortals. Not the models, they're great, but the rules. They're now as the warriors was before with a slightly bigger gun. No longer do they deserve to use larger bases, and that my friends sucks rinox balls!
Apart from that I truly like what Games Workshop has done. The rules look like they are fun and balanced and the fluff is pretty darn good. Matthew Ward has done a heck of a job with this one!

First new model done, an Annihilation Barge, and it is glorious!
The pilots haven't got their arms yet but that's 'cause I can't decide wether I want them standard or plugged in ála matrix. I'm seriously considering the second one...
Took some time since I was drooling in the new Codex most of the time and writing new lists. Feels strange to have such cheap Warriors now, you can actually use all of them in a thousand points list and still have room for a lord and some wraiths.

The next is the big one. But I'm considering whether it should be a transport or the really really big gun. I'm getting both, no snack about it but what to build first? I'm leaning towards the transport but the Doomsday Ark is such a cool model! But so is the transport, or Ghost Ark...

Well, time will tell. And if you go by the art work, the next wave of Necrons will indeed bring lots of cool models and transports. How about a scorpion walker? It is a good day to play Xenos! =)

Until Next Time Meatsbags!


  1. Go for the Matrix style! But if you do, is it possible to lift up the robots heads? It might be a bit strange if they are facing a dashboard they don't use.
    Can't wait until our next painting session for a live introduction!
    When can we play?

  2. So, is it time to change the bases of the immortals?

  3. Perhaps... time will tell with the Immortals. But lift the pilots heads? Why?
    the big box will be a Ghost Ark, but Emperors hairy ass there's a lot of parts!

  4. First up, The Emperors ass is not hairy! It's nicely trimed and bleached!
    About the heads, I just thought it would be a bit strange if they couldn't see were they were aiming?!?
    Good decision to chose the Ghost Ark!
    Finaly, change the bases!

  5. i love them... looking forward to the next fight /nicklas

  6. No... You don't, trust me. For I will destroy you!!!