18 Nov 2011

Harbinger Of Despair

After finishing the Lychguards and Immortals I came up with an idea of magnificence. Build Deathmarks from the left overs of the Immortal/Deathmark kit.
Since I have a butt load of unused Warriors left I thought that if one could pull it through it would turn out a bit more economical. Especially since I want twenty Immortals and ten Deathmarks. The Idea was great! Unfortunately it became crap...
Another idea popped into my mind, a Cryptek. Or more a Cryptek with the Abyssal Staff and Veil Of Darkness, a Harbinger Of Despair! You know, the one with an AP 1 flamer and Deep Strike shenanigans. Not the best conversion I've done, but also not the worst. It will suffice until a better one will appear.

Until Next Time Meatbags!


  1. Hmm, wonder if I'll ever paint it. It is hideous!

  2. Doesn't look so hideous on the pic. Looking forward to see it IRL.

  3. It's better in real life, Aksel thought it was the most epic figure ever. But I stand firm, it isn't the best I've built by a long shot

  4. I have made my decision about the transport looking like a viking ship (comment from when I first saw it)... The shiplike front ought to be reshaped into something less twisted/bent and I think an orb -similar to those Kristian's lord's wield- should fit perfectly on top ;)

    What say yee?