30 Oct 2011

Necrons New Units Video

A new video showing all the new, first wave units.

I like the new route GW has taken, spinning them around and really showing off the models.
And by the Emperors hairy butt cheeks, those Praetorians are looking mighty fine and that Doomsday Ark makes me all tingly inside!
But the gem in this treasure trove that is the Necrons must be the Annihilation Barge... fething awesome!
Now the long wait. Only six days remaining but they will feel like an eternity compared to the six years I've been waiting in the dark.

Until Next Time Meatbags!


  1. Sorry all for my incessant nagging about the Necrons...

  2. Don't stop, please!All news are super, not a single misstage from GW.
    Hope the rules are updated since there are rumours about a 6th rulebook.

  3. Don't worry, I won't stop. ;)
    About 6th edition, the rumour mongers at Warseer foretells that it's adapted for it. Kinda like the Orks Codex was made with 5th in mind...

  4. That's always very good!
    Like the video by the way. Wonderful to see all news at the same time. I think my favorits are Deathmarks and The Overlord.