8 Oct 2011

Death In a Box

Someone smart once said a good artist borrow, great ones steal. Although I wouldn't call me great, I do like to steal things. At least ideas. And I've always liked that tank in Forge Worlds Masterclass, the renegade Malcador with Chaos stars in different sizes all over it. Nicklas has made some nice interpretations of it, which I think is in the picture section if you want to take a look.
But there's just one problem with that. I don't play Chaos.

But I do play Necrons and Necrons has only one tank in their arsenal... The Monolith!
So yesterday, on one of Johan's and mine's frequent play dates, I started drawing lines on that big box 'o death and behold, the results!

Not finished by a long shot, but hopefully you can see my idea with this. And for those of you who can't see its supposed to be various parts of Necron symbols.
Hopefully, this will make this piece look a bit more painted rather than a black box with green lines or just sprayed silver.

Until Next Time Children!


  1. Such a fearsome tank need all the love it can get! It will not receive it from it's enemies.

  2. I really like the idea of painting camo with a greater purpose. I think it look majestic!

  3. Like the idea, though I would prefer even more adjustments!

    Please post a zoom in picture.

  4. I sent you bigger pictures, as per your request. What do mean by more adjustments?