23 Sep 2011

Battle For Norrtälje

Fall has come to this world and golf clubs and volleyballs has been put in storage and the armies of war amasses from the shadows. Once again a fight in Norrtälje was fought, Johans Death Korps versus my precious Necrons.
Standard Kill points, with a twist! Johan had a side mission. He was supposed to get the leader of a platoon squad (which he got for free) from his deployment area to a special exit zone and for that he would receive 3 Kill points. I would only get one Kill Point if I could kill the little frakker.
Deployment was different too. we played short side to short side and Johan got a 24" deployment zone and I got the rest. I'll make a better explanation how later since it was a pretty fun fight. It just needs a little tweaking.

But long story short, how it went. Johan managed to get his little soldier to safety but even so I won with ten KP against his six. A good and even fight until the end

Until Next Time Children!


  1. I thought I had the game in my pocket, can't tell why. After all, I lost big time. Never trust your guts (especially if they are exploded all over the battlefield)!
    But I enjoyed every turn, fun all the way.

  2. I think you believed the extra objective was worth more than it was. We must rectify this the next time.