22 May 2011

Objectives! Second Challenge

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Now our second challenge begins and once again you will be able to raise your points with a bit of work.
But this time it won't be such a big project. In fact, not bigger than a terminator base...

The challenge:
You will have to build 3 (three) objectives upon 40 mm bases (the ones terminators stands on) .
They don't have to be army specific, but they do need to be worthy of your troops attention.
They must be built AND painted and they must be built now. You cannot use ones you already have.
And you have until the last of May to finish them.
For this you get another 25 points that you can save. Or use straight away, your choice.

If you choose to accept this mission (Mr Hunt...) then send your finished objectives to my mail, both unpainted and painted, before the end of the 31:st of May and the price will be yours!

To Glory!
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  1. don´t force a broke student to go out and buy 40mm bases! =( If any one have some to spare i will dance for you.

  2. One option for you is to build your own bases as long as they are 40mm.
    I'm not so fond of stressed building missions.

    Good luck. We all gonna need it!