16 Apr 2011

When In Doubt, Nuke It

Now I have joined the Great Ones and started on my challenge project. I've been struck by a vision of clarity and a path has been laid before me.
Bobby once sang "Have no fear for atomic energy,
'Cause none of them a can a stop a the time".
He probably didn't know what an Ork was...

A lot more to be done, the rigging and the actual shield generator amongst other things. The bomb is just the energy source.
Oh, and cables. Lots and lots of cables.

Until Next Time Children!
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  1. I'm so full of myself sometimes...

  2. No never stop to impress us!
    All cables, will they have different colours?

  3. I think its better if all the cables have one colour. Like mithrillsilver and Devlan mud wash!