1 Apr 2011

Liberation of Terhek Prime, Prelude

Armageddon. Once a thriving Hive World it now stands as a permanent scar, a blight upon the Imperium of Man. A world of great tragedy and resting place for untold billions of nameless warriors in service of the Emperor. But also the place where some of the greatest heroes of the empire proved themselves to be more than mere mortals. Living legends at the front line, fighting for the God Emperor and the freedom of Armageddon.
They are fighting against the old enemy, the nemesis of mankind, the Ork and its leader and self proclaimed prophet, Ghazghull Thraka. A foe of which there can be no peace, only victory... or death.

Winning is paramount, there can be no other. Mankind will be victorious! Any other notion is heresy.
But after decades of war, victory lies not solely upon the soil of that cursed world. Many systems have been geared to produce war materials exclusively to Armageddon and one such world is in dire need of help...


Terhek Prime, Hive World and a frozen desert void of natural life. Its atmosphere breathable but thin and polluted. Its main purpose is the refinement of promethium, the fuel that drives the Imperium forward and beyond the stars. Without it, the armour fighting on Armageddon would not move. And with it victory seems possible.

The world is home to a mighty Mechanicum fortress, dedicated to fashion new weaponry for the mighty Astartes and also house a minor Titan repair facility. Lying in the northern part of the world, the fortress and its Overseer guides the worlds production.
Further to the south lies a Blood Angel Sanguinary temple, harboring a sacred relic dated back to the Heresy itself. Its obsidian walls feared and revered by the populace who shies to the dark secrets within its bowels.


Cries for aid echoes from the planet, the world is under attack! The Ork has found its bounties to precious not to take and has launched a massive assault, overwhelming the defenders. Pleas for help floods the channels.
And suddenly, silence...
An imperial relief force is gathered and a crusade is launched to liberate Terhek Prime, to cleanse it from the old enemy and to make sure its factories are once more producing for Armageddon.

Upon arrival the imperials are met by a brutal warp storm and are scattered like leaves to the wind. Any chance for a joint operation is long gone and augers deem the storm far from dissipating. But the objectives remains clear. Purge the planet of the Xenos.
But what about the rest of the fleet? All have heard the insidiousness of the warp and the taint of Chaos can take a hold in even the stoutest of hearts.
Not only do the brave soldiers face the Orks, but there are possibilities that traitors and heretics might be in their midst. A two sided war against aliens and the ghost of Chaos beckons.
Who can one trust?

The liberation of Terhek Prime has begun.
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  1. Baaaah! I whant to play nooooow!!!
    Great reading.

  2. Inspiring! Long live the Emperor!