4 Apr 2011

First Day Of Campaigning

The day of our first battles has come and gone. Seven jovial boys had gathered in the south of Stockholm at a gamer called Nicklas. Seven armies fought battle after battle and even though they were only five hundred points a piece it took a whole day of fighting. Many a fight there was, and all was happy!

It was decided that all will build a shield generator until the next points raise. Those who completes one gets one shield generator to put on one map segment and twenty five points to be used for ones army. Pretty neat, huh?
More on this later...

You can check out some pictures of the day here.
I do look pretty cute if I may say so.

Until Next Time Children!
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  1. I'm so happie the campaign is rolling:)

  2. It was a great day! Why are the pic's so small?:(

  3. You sound like my girlfriend! (translation pic in swedish is a dick)
    And NO I'm not from Gothenberg

  4. Well, I chuckled a bit at that...

  5. No, only Johan's tiny one...