10 Mar 2011


This Thursday saw some work on the campaign done, both rules and army composition wise. Me and Johan both wanted to try out our initial 500 pts so try we did.
Two fights resulting in two massive victories for Ye olde tinheads! The kriegers were slaughtered big time, mainly 'cause I was able to dictate where to do battle. Both fights played on 48" x 48", first was Reconnaissance In Force and the second Implacable Advance. I went first both games.

After the fights I decided to go with Wraiths instead of destroyers and Johan was unsure in his choices. His long trek homewards giving him time to think about what to choose. Will we see troops, Death Riders or even an infernal Hellhound? Only time will tell.

Onto the campaign itself:
One thing we decided on is that you will NOT be able to save points like last time, so use as many as you can. More on this later...
We will use the rules for Planetary Empires with own rules on how to build structures and there will be no limit to challenging like last time. Assault as many times you want, activity should be rewarded.
Will make a post with all the rules soon, probably this weekend, so stay tuned.
And remember, your models must be finished so start painting, people!

Until Next Time Children!
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  1. I can't write down my new army list, my eyes are filled with tears.

  2. Your tears are like,wine, sweet!