11 Jan 2011

For The Greater Good Once More

I really have no self discipline, not an ounce. After watching Transformers with Johan, he reflected that they looked like Tau Crisis battle suits and poof, my lust for the sisters of battle were blown away with the speed of light.
The urge for little blue aliens was too big to resist, even though mine are coloured like the narns in Babylon 5.
Not much has been done, one fire warrior started only. It's slow going with tau but they are a blast to paint.
And when the six little critters I'm working on now are done the obligatory 1 HQ, 2 troop will be finished meaning that I can choose whatever I want to paint.
With this army I'm going to ignore army composition and what's good and only paint what I feel like. Maybe that's what will keep me to one army... but probably not.

Until Next Time Children!
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  1. I'd liked them better when you painted them blue. Maybe you should repaint them;)

  2. Baby Blue rocks!
    I'm thinking to paint them pink

  3. Actually, the pink idea was semi-serious. I'll probably paint one fw pink. Just for the hell of it.

  4. You'r so fucking cool. i look forward to our game om saturday