28 Jan 2011

First Contact

Field log
Shas'el Bright Star
Onboard Aun's Spirit, emissary class cruiser. Orbiting Great Haven


Arriving at Great Haven I decided to send two scouting expeditions to the places our scans showed the most recent activities.
I took command of the first force, my blood brother Lightspear took the second.
As my force set down in our Orca drop ship, I saw the perfect sight for an ambush. With the speed I've come accustomed to, my proud warriors took to the field with the efficiency of true veterans.
And then we finally saw our enemy.
In strange spiked craft and alien garments they came, but I fought beside them in the Yuo'java campaign and I know the Eldar, no matter what they wear. Although they showed none of the honour previously shown.

The ambush worked flawlessly, it was like shooting grots in a barrel. We let the survivors flee like the cowards they were.
After securing the area I contacted Shas'vre Lightspear to debrief their current status. There was only static.
Scans and a barracuda fly by showed nothing. So I called in an Orca to carry me to the other site. Desolation greeted me with its twisted face. Signs of a harsh and brutal close quarter fighting were everywhere. Fire caste crucified and mutilated beyond recognition. The battle suit of Lightspear were found blooded and broken in half with no sign of Lightspear himself.
There was no survivors.

The threat is, I believe, greater than anticipated. More resources will be needed to route this evil.
And I must find out what happened to Lightspear.


End of log.

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  1. Sorry for the delay, the battles were fought two weeks ago. Two fights at 500 pts.

  2. Can't wait until you show me the nice orca dropship;)

  3. Orcas rock! A wee bit expensive for a student though. But someday... someday...