13 Jan 2011

The Beginning Of A War...


Field log
Shas'el Bright Star
Onboard Aun's Spirit; battle cruiser emissary class

We are en route to a world in the outskirts of our glorious empire called Great Haven, a world colonized by earth caste in the beginning of the Third Sphere Expansion.
Contact was lost 8 hours ago and long range scans reads strange and anomalous energies.
According to Intelligence, imperial ships has been spotted in the region, and they believe that this is the start of a campaign of conquest.

I do not agree with this. The humans do not behave like this, they are a hammer, crude and primitive. I have a gut feeling that there is something else behind the supposed assault on Great Haven.
I guess we'll have to wait and see, this world belong to the Tau. Any attacker will feel the full wrath of this battle cadre!

Our ETA is approximately two days from our target and then we will discover the fate that has befallen Great Haven.


End Of Log
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  1. Have you thought about writing as a profession?

  2. Ha! No, this piece is amateurish at best

  3. When you realise your book you will at least sell one copy, to me.