8 Jan 2011

Adepta Sororitas

The sisters are coming along fine, a battle squad and a canoness is ready for high lights.
What? Oh yeah, I've started a witch hunters army... again. Can't seem to stick to one army for some reason. I blame society.
Unfortunatly no pics can be taken, all of them turn out sucky. Maybe it's because black armour and black washed pink cloth don't show well in pictures or maybe I have to take pictures in daylight and not when the sun has set. It's all a big mystery really.
I'm aiming for a hard, fast hitting strike force. Lots of rhinos and immolators, melta and flamers. It will be crazed women in pink dresses bringing vengeance with bolter and flame, all in the name of Him on Earth. Beautiful!
Plus it gives me a reason to paint in pink, a colour not often seen in serious 40k armies.

Let us all hope this lasts until Necrons is released, hopefully this summer.

Until Next Time Children!


  1. I just love the sisters. They are fantastic.

  2. Have you seen the thread on bell of lost soals?

  3. They have green bases, awful...
    But your talk earlier about tau gave me a bit of a tau urge :'(