1 Dec 2010

For The Greater Good

I like Tau. In a galaxy of evil aliens, degenerate humans and just generally bad people, the Tau stand apart as a Force of good. They fight for what is right (at least in their point of view) and forego all that the corrupt imperium of man stand for. Sure, they are a bit naive but they do their best to do what is right.
They're like the galaxy's fluffy pink bunnies... with guns.
The astute reader understands that I, your hero and idol, has once again begun on my communistic little space aliens. Painting yellow grew boring so onto the army I enjoyed to paint the most, the Tau.

No pics yet, since nothing has been finished. I just thought my post-count on our new blog was a bit low. So there you have it...

Until Next Time Children!

1 comment:

  1. Tau is Nice, like them alot. Can't wait for pics since I've seen them and know they are just Lovely