22 Nov 2010

Weekend War Stories...

Once again a monday have shown its ugly face. Weekends should be longer, especially when you have friends from afar joining in for a game or two. Mr Cadia, or Anders as he is called for some reason, came over for some good old war-fun. Saturday saw some painting done and so did sunday. Anders got a squad of stormtroopers done, John got started on converting a bunch of scouts and Sebastian finished his 500 pts Eldar force. Myself got work done on my newly aquired death korps and a librarian was made, mainly 'cause I wanted to try one in battle.
Pretty good but Dreadnoughts are way cooler!

And some epic battles were fought. The cadians got to test their mettle against two astartes strike forces and they were not found wanting. Anders really knows how to wield the might of the Imperial Guard and is a though nut to crack.
And then my Imperial Fists got to kill some bugs and that is always a laugh. Only a draw game wise but any dead enemy of the Emperor is a victory in itself. Dead xenos makes Jim smile ;).
Unfortunatly no pictures were taken so you'll have to picture the entirety of it all yourself.

Until Next Time Children!

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