14 Nov 2010

Death Korps of Krieg

Yep, now it's official. I'm a death korp of krieg player and it is fantastic! Bought them cheap from Anders, the estranged friend from afar. A bit damaged but in his defence, most of it was caused by me. Due to changes in the list, adaptations for what I want in the army and just plain desire to build. Converting is fun!
But all good things must come to an end. With the changes to the death korps list more things must be bought from forge just to get them up to date. And a tank or two.
My plan is lots of armour, lots and lots of armour. Anders goes the way of Elite shock troops with his cadians and Johan have a fondess for artillery and siege equipment. So I will make good use of the age old classic, the Leman Russ battle tank. The back bone of the imperial guard.
And that's the story so far. But don't worry, neither my necrons nor tau has been forsaken. Just put on ice for the time being, until I'm ready for them again.

And pictures of my newly found army will come soon, I just haven't found a quick way to upload them from the phone. Yes, I am writing this from my Android. Technology is sweet sometimes ;).

Until Next Time Children!

And here they are