12 Oct 2010

First of Second

Then the second round began, my beautiful tin heads attacked Mr Johan's stoic Death korps with conquest in mind.
Oh, and such joy they attacked with! A joy that ran out in the sand the longer the battle commenced and ended with my lord leaving the bord in shame.

A Good fight it was and fun for all involved... except for those who died. But they were plastic, so noone cares. It was a learning experience for me, making me think about the lord more and his role and uses. Like when he teleported of the table (I love the veil of darkness, really I do) and died horribly because of it. And some other things that I won't mention here. 'Cause I'm a sneaky git who likes his secrets!
But mostly because I'm tired and that bed over there is looking mighty inviting. So I leave you with these words of advise. Do not rush things, think things through. Even when you think that you're going to win. Johan did this the entire game and I did not. And he walked away with a capital victory in his bag.

Until Next Time Children!


  1. It was a jolly Good fight. Many thoughtfull monents. May the resinforces live Long and pro...

  2. Nice with a good fight. i think necrons has a problem with the IG